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Photographer Daniel Sachon Imagines What Marilyn Monroe Would Be Like Today


A photographer has imagined what screen icon Marilyn Monroe would be like today – and no doubt she’d love Instagram. Daniel Sachon, a student at Central St Martins, in London, created his first solo exhibition with Suzie Kennedy, an English model who looks remarkably similar to the blonde bombshell. In the exhibition, titled ‘Disruptive Innovation,’ Marilyn is seen brandishing a Starbucks coffee like so many celebrities papped now and flicking through her iPhone.

h/t: dailymail


Daniel said Daily Mail: “The concept behind the series was looking at Marilyn and our generation’s fascination with her, and in general how we are an incredibly nostalgic generation who innovate and move forward through our obsession of the past. I am looking at where Marilyn would be today, in a world where fame is more transient than ever and the relationship between brands and celebrity is stronger than ever before.”


“Her legacy has had a massive impact on our generation – perhaps it is because she reflects a time where fame was special and nothing like today’s instant fame”, he added.


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