Underwater Portraits Of People Diving Into A Freezing 4°C Dunking Pool

Photo by Daan Verhoeven

There was a freezing 4°C (39°F) dunking pool at the freediving world championships in Turku, Finland… and photographer Daan Verhoeven did not want to let it go to waste. As the competitors took their shocking dunk into the freezing cold water, he was there to capture their reactions. Verhoeven is an award-winning freediver himself, and most of his portraits involve capturing the sport in action. These… well these are just fun.

More info: Daan Verhoeven (h/t: petapixel)

Photo by Daan Verhoeven

“I wanted to capture the shock of submerging yourself into water this cold,” he says. “It’s actually quite good fun and pleasant, but only afterwards. The initial feeling is overwhelmingly… well, shocking!”

Photo by Daan Verhoeven

Photo by Daan Verhoeven

Photo by Daan Verhoeven

Photo by Daan Verhoeven

Photo by Daan Verhoeven

Photo by Daan Verhoeven

Photo by Daan Verhoeven

Photo by Daan Verhoeven

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