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Neil Zeller’s Snaps Were Taken Across Canada, Where He Photographs The Northern Lights Dancing Across A Dark Night Sky


Neil Zeller‘s snaps were taken across Canada, where he photographs the northern lights dancing across a dark night sky. In one stunning shot, Zeller even manages to capture a flash of lightning beneath a storm cell while an aurora gives off a magnificent green glow. The photographer, from Calgary, Alberta, describes himself as a night person, and became interested in night photography about 10 years ago.


Aurora photography is a photo discipline that is unlike any other in that the subject is different every time. And he quickly became fascinated with aurora and how they never present themselves the same way, constantly challenging his photography ability.


The photographer, from Calgary, Alberta, admitted he has always been a “night person”, becoming interested in night photography around 10 years ago.


He said: “I’ve always enjoyed staying up late and tend to do my best work, whatever I might be working on, late at night”.


The aurora photographs are special to me because it takes determination and patience.


“I’m striving to capture the perfect image of the aurora – the addiction is one that gets into your blood. When rewarded with a wonderful aurora show, and executing the photos to match, it’s second to none for pure satisfaction in my line of work.”.


“No matter what the day I’m always striving for a shot that will have everyone sitting up and noticing my work.”


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