Scales Of Perception: “Megalophobia” By Mai Chaya

Scale is a vital component to understanding our world, without it, we exist in the abstract. SoP is an investigation. Through disciplines of art, design, photography, science, technology, landscape and architecture, we hope to understand how scale can not only be emphasized to convey meaning, but be a departure point for creation.

“I have a fear for gigantic things ever since I could remember.

High-rise buildings, Gus tanks, Steel towers, Windmills, Water towers. Seeing those things makes the bottom of my stomach squeezed and my spine cold. When I was little, nobody around me feared mega-things as I did. I couldn’t find the answer why it’s only me who is so scared. As I became an adult, I found out there are some people who are afraid of seeing mega-things just like me.

It’s called megalophobia.”

More: Mai Chaya, Flickr, Tumblr

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