Butterflies & Biotops From Polygonia: Stunning Digital Art By Chaotic Atmospheres

“Butterflies From Polygonia” and “Biotops From Polygonia” are the series of randomly generated butterfly species by the Swiss artist Chaotic Atmospheres that deals with polygonic insects.

“This is my third set for Neonmob, following “Biotop from Polygonia”, who was about polygonic insects. When I made “Biotop from Polygonia”, I wanted to add butterflies to the set. But butterflies were better on a landscape orientation picture and all other insects came better in portrait format, so I decided to not include them on the first series. As the set was a success, I was asked to make another series on the same style. So the idea of making a set about butterflies came quite logically.

The process was the same as the “Biotop from Polygonia” series. I’ve started on Cinema 4D by creating a “species basis” who has all particularities of the species (antennae, wings,…). I used some deformers (displacer, polygon reduction) in order to give the species his overall shape. Then I created each specimen by shifting some parameters on the deformers. Afterward, I rendered each specimen in Cinema 4D and postworked them with Photoshop,” said artist.

More: Chaotic Atmospheres, Behance

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