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This Artist Gives Animals A Rainbow Makeover

Ramzy Masri is a talented Brooklyn-based graphic designer who uses rainbow colors as a major inspiration for his artwork. Masri made a name for himself on social media for his colorful works on which he gives landscapes, cityscapes, people, food, and all sorts of other subjects a rainbow makeover by injecting warm colors to ordinary photographs and making them pop.

More: Instagram h/t: playjunkie

In his website, he shares, “[I’m] an unapologetic optimist, I value authentic experiences that help people to live fuller, richer lives. I’m a media-agnostic designer interested in what makes things tick, when and if we’ll make contact with aliens and glitter. When I’m not working, I’m working on an armageddon escape plan, standing up for what’s right, wondering how many cats I could fit into my apartment and wearing out the grooves in my Sade vinyl.”

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