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Art Object Dedicated To The Fire Problem In Siberia

1,6 million hectares of Siberia are in fire – 232 hot spots are detected. 1,13 million hectares are in flames in Yakutia. The smoke spreaded to the Volga region and Kazakhstan.

h/t: englishrussia

The situation has gone far beyond control – the cost of the fire extinction is higher than the cost of the potential waste. A new policy has been acting since 2015 – not to extinguish fire while it’s not large. But now they have to deal with a huge serious problem.

An artist from St. Petersburg, who calls himself Loketski, created an unusual art object on the tree damaged by fire in Shuvalovsky park. It refers to the words of the governor of the Kransoyarsk region who said it was economically unviable to extinguish fires in Siberia.

“Economically unviable mother.”

Russians protected the country from the Golden horde, the Poles, the Turks, Napoleon’s troops and the Nazi. Was it economically viable?

Or they did it because it was their motherland? But now successful state figures say that it’s economically unviable to fight fires in Russia, others regularly offer help in firefighting to the USA, Israel or Greece…

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