Artist George Pfau Makes Impressionist Paintings Of The Zombie Apocalypse

San Francisco-based artist George Pfau is more obsessed with zombies than you are. He is so enamored with them, that they are his muse for Impressionist paintings. What lily gardens were to Monet, iconic undead apocalypse scenes are to Pfau in a series titled “Zombiescapes.”

Pfau selected the Impressionist style of painting for two reasons: nostalgia and its expressive value. Pfau’s father had a passion for Impressionism and Pointillism, Alfred Sisley in particular, and Pfau grew up admiring and studying these paintings. Pfau’s oil paints ooze into the background scenes, just as zombies do. The brush stroke technique that creates the hazy quality is only partially controlled by the painter, and takes on a life of its own, allowing the zombies to melt into the setting.

More info: George Pfau, Instagram

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