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Striking Fashion Photos Paired with Nature Scenes They’re Inspired By

All around the world, there are fashion designers who are constantly seeking inspiration for their next project. Whether it’s for their next line of runway garments, an all-encompassing outfit, or even a basic textile design, there’s always a source of stimulation that sparks a burst of creativity, resulting in wearable artistry.

For many of these fashion forward creatives, nature is the key. Though the seasons may change, and trends come and go, nature is a constant, cyclical muse.

Fashion enthusiast Liliya Hudyakova has been following fashion for years, tracking down each runway garment’s visual inspiration.

In her photo series, aptly referred to as Fashion & Nature, Hudyakova places images from the runway side-by-side with photographs of nature, drawing an irrefutable likeness between the two.

Ultimately, what we deem fashionable is a reflection of the beautiful world that surrounds us.

Via My Modern Met

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