The Radical And Visionary Modernist And Brutalist Architecture Of Macedonia

The Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts (architect Boris Čipan, 1976).

Featuring the radical and visionary Modernist and Brutalist architecture of Skopje, by architects such as Kenzo Tange, Janko Konstantinov, Marko Mušič and many others, this two-sided bilingual guide includes a map, an introduction by Skopje-based experts, details of over forty buildings and structures, and original photography.

Modernist Skopje Map is edited by Ana Ivanovska Deskova, Vladimir Deskov, Jovan Ivanovski and Ljubica Slavkovic. Photography is by Vase Amanito.

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Macedonian Telekom, the Central Post Office of Skopje (Janko Konstantinov, 1974)

Nikola Karev High School (Janko Konstantinov, 1968)

Second world war memorial (Aleksandar Nikoljski and Vladimir Pota)

Saint Cyril and Methodius University of Skopje (Marko Mušič, 1974)

Orce Nikolov High School (Nikola Bogacev and Aleksandar Smilevski, 1969)

Railway station (Kenzō Tange)

Тhe Central Post Office of Skopje: stage 1 (Janko Konstantinov, 1974)

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