“Russian Elite”: Photographer Documents Life Of Rich And Poor In The Prestigious Residential Area Rublevka

Rublevka, a branch of the Eden on the planet Earth, the most expensive ghetto in Russia. This is how sometimes described the famous living area in Moscow suburbs where are basically residencies of high-ranking persons from the Russian government, top-managers of the biggest companies, oligarchs, and different cultural and scientific elite. Rublevka is the place where live the richest Russians, but also it is the place with the highest social stratification.

A few years ago the photographer Nikita Shokhov went to this famed residential area to make a photo report about ordinary inhabitants, guest workers, new elite, and just people who live there.

In one of the interviews Nikita tells: ‘As everywhere, in Rublevka you can find both happy and unhappy people. I figured out that amount of money is equivalent of amount of power, but it has nothing to do with amount of happiness.’

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