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A Photographer Travels Across The US To Capture Inspirational And Poetical Photos Of American Nature

Nathaniel Wise is an adventure and travel photographer, based in Seattle, that is a little bit obsessed with living on the road exploring, offers here a unique views on US nature. Poetical, majestical and inspirational, these pictures are a marvelous way to discover this naturally luxurious places.

“Hi. I’m Nathaniel. I’m 29 years old, I grew up in Savannah, GA and I’m currently living life on the road. Outside of photography, I like to hike, play guitar, cook, read, drink too much coffee and eat too many avocados. I moved out to Washington a little over three years ago and I often say it was the best decision of my life.

At the time, I had no camera, and no motivation to buy one. However, after I started hiking and exploring the vast, beautiful landscapes of Washington, I picked up an old Nikon in February of 2016. Almost three years ago, now. Since then, it’s been a learning process filled with countless beautiful moments, difficult ones and everything in between.”

More: Nathaniel Wise, Instagram, Behance, Facebook, 500px

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