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People Believe They’ve Noticed Art References In Popular Movies, Share Side-By-Side Pics On Twitter

You get some popcorn and press “play.” As the film is rolling, you suddenly realize that particular shot… you’ve seen it somewhere before. Call it déjà vu or a glitch in the matrix, but what if sometimes, it’s actually true?

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The Twitter thread initiated by @THECOCODIARY compiled some of the most interesting examples of artistic references spotted in movies—from cult films that bear a striking resemblance to the surreal paintings of Rene Magritte, to Lars von Trier’s scene from Melancholia looking as if was taken from the iconic painting by John Everett Millais, Ophelia.

The thread has since gone viral with 133.9k likes and 36.8k retweets, and Bored Panda reached out to its author Coco, who said it started with a post she saw last year about The Lighthouse and its art references. “I started doing research to see if other movies had references too. And I found a lot, a lot of movies and references. I didn’t want to keep this little discovery for myself, so I created this thread.”

The author of the viral thread, Coco, said that she couldn’t believe the thread would blow up as much and as fast as it did. “The thread even appeared on my dearest friend’s timeline. I guess it’s the power of Twitter to make everything viral!”

When asked whether Coco thinks the references were coincidental or deliberate, she said that the ones inspired by René Magritte’s and Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings were probably done on purpose. “Throughout my research, I realized how much René Magritte inspired the cinema industry. I think also that some of them are simply coincidental, and aren’t they fascinating?”

Coco’s favorite references are the ones from The Truman Show and The Fifth Element. “It’s just genius to choose Architecture au clair de lune by René Magritte for this scene with Jim Carrey going up the stairs.” Moreover, “Jean-Paul Gaultier for his spring/summer 1998 collection was fully inspired by Frida Kahlo’s unique style. And I’m convinced that he was inspired by her for Leeloo’s (Milla Jovovich’s character) costume.”

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