The Surreal And Beautiful Photography Of Tokyo’s Levitating Girl


Natsumi Hayashi is a Japanese artist known for her fixation with levitating. Two years, ago, the photographer began posting portraits online of herself floating in mid-air. The magical project – titled “Today’s Levitation” – is the subject of a playful survey of her year-long obsession with flying.


Natsumi Hayashi is neither a Jedi master or a mind freak. Her work relates a scientific theory that makes her levitations a bit risky. She exerts full force as she levitates and let it all go to create that floating effect. Unlike the typical jump shot, levitation must project a steady, floating object without too much facial expression and movement.


‘The only way to get a right timing for a shot is jumping a lot. Sometimes I need to jump over 100 times to get a right shot,’ she said Natsumi to Daily Mail.


‘We all are surrounded by social stress as we are bound by the force of the earth’s gravity,’ she explains.


She says she plans to continue working toward being a professional photographer, a career that she says wryly, is ‘just getting off the ground.’

h/t: dailymail

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