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Japanese Artist’s Charcoal Skulls Are Perfect For A Macabre Barbecue

Japanese artist, Sekisadamu whose brainchild is the skull-shaped charcoal said he is surprised at the overwhelming demand for his charcoal after showcasing it at the recently concluded Wonder Festival, in Chiba, Japan where all his products were bought.

The novel charcoal has attracted over 13K likes and over 9K retweets when its photos were posted on Twitter:


“Wonder Festival Winter 2019 Menu | Table 7-28-06 | New work | Skull charcoal | 500 JPY / ea. | I’ll bring more than 200 of them | They’re made of 100% plant-derived ingredients | I’ll put a heap of them on my bonfire stand, so choose the one you’d like. | I think it’s the first time for this material at Wonder Festival. Please read the instruction manual and use them properly.”

So, how did the talented artist go about creating the skull-shaped charcoal? Reports say Sekisadamu “ground charcoal into powder and mixed it with plant-derived ingredients to form a putty which he then moulded into that shape”.

He is currently working on a life-size, ultra-realistic charcoal human skull being made out of 20 different parts, just like a real skull, which will cost not less than 500 yen ($4.5).

There you have it! The skull-shaped charcoals are not burnt human skulls as they look, they are actually made from normal charcoals ground into a powdered form before being moulded into the skull shapes.


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