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Boxes Into Beds: Brilliant Idea Helps Earthquake Victims In Japan


On April 14 2016, Japan’s Kyushu Island in Kumamoto Prefecture was rocked by a magnitude 7 earthquake. The earthquake killed nine people and caused widespread damage to the region. Many people lost everything in the disaster, but thanks to these clever ‘Box Beds’, at least the victims have somewhere comfortable to sleep.

h/t: rocketnews24


The beds are the invention of J Pack, a smart-thinking Japanese paper manufacturer. They were first distributed to survivors of Japan’s Tohuku earthquake back in 2011 and now they’re being used again to help those displaced in Kumamoto.


They come in a single box but they turn into a bed once assembled. They’re more than just a place to sleep however, as they also come complete with privacy partitions and under-bed storage boxes where you can neatly stow your belongings. Despite being made of cardboard, these beds are anything but flimsy and can hold the weight of up to 20 people! Now that’s what we call thinking out of the box.


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