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An Artist Grows Crystals On Her Fantasy-Inspired Sculptures

Svetlana Matveeva is a mixed media artist with a passion for fantasy worlds behind HandmadeHome. Using polymer clay and crystallization processes, she combines nature, chemistry, and fantasy to sculpt dreamy beings from another dimension.

The Unknown, which is very close but still not discovered, is reflected in Svetlana’s work. Just like dreams, her creations come to us from another dimension and are woven into reality, interacting with us through feelings and visual images. Svetlana tries to reveal invisible dimensions inside our habitual world and explore the infinities of reality and consciousness.

Svetlana creates whimsical flora and fauna by taking natural forms found in nature and infusing them with emotions and moods. With these magical ingredients, she gives life to their feelings and reveals fragments of their being.

More: Svetlana Matveeva, Instagram, Facebook h/t: boredpanda

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