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Amazing Vintage Illustrations Of Japanese Anthropomorphic Frogs and Toads

Tenjiku Tokubei by Toyokuni III in 1860.

The Japanese term “kimo-kawaii” means “cute and ugly,” often describing anthropomorphic frogs and toads in art. Continue reading »

Japanese Food Artist Tomoko Shibata Creates Amazing Lunchboxes


Tomoko Shibata, a food artist from Japan, has truly mastered the art of lunchbox design. From recreating famous cartoon characters to crafting festive themes for Christmas and Halloween, her creations are almost too cute to eat. Continue reading »

Hiro Ando’s Modern Take on the Ancient Artistic Traditions of Japan


Hiro Ando, a notable artist who began his career in 1995 after graduating from the University of Art, has a distinct style that reflects both modern and traditional Japanese elements. Continue reading »

The Photographer Discovers the Most Stunningly Gorgeous Tree in Japan


While fruit trees are known for their delicious bounty, the tree itself usually isn’t considered appetizing. Continue reading »

Japanese Mythological Creature Illustrations by Shigeru Mizuki

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Shigeru Mizuki is most famous as the pioneer of Youkai-related manga. Youkai are creatures drawn from Japanese mythology, spirits that have many shapes and may be evil, or kind, or a little of both. Continue reading »

Photographer NIU NIU Captures The Neo Tokyo Vibes


Neo Tokyo is an imaginary place full with neon lights, punk revivalism, piercings, and erotica. By focusing on the people in this fever dream Tokyo, photographer NIU NIU creates dark, whimsical photos. Continue reading »

The Intricate Intersection of Gore and Kawaii in Shintaro Kago’s Iconic Artistic Vision


Shintaro Kago’s artwork, known for its ero-guro manga style, captivates audiences worldwide with its unique blend of grotesque imagery and social commentary. Continue reading »

Capturing the Unseen: Keita Morimoto’s Atmospheric Tokyo Tales


Keita Morimoto, a Japanese artist based in Tokyo, spent 14 years in Toronto, graduating from OCAD University in 2012. His emotive paintings blend classical techniques with everyday motifs, bringing characters to life. Continue reading »

Remembering Koga Shinichi: A Titan of Horror Manga

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Koga Shinichi, born Koga Shinsaku in Omuta, Fukuoka, Japan, was a legendary figure in the Japanese horror manga genre. His most renowned work, “Eko Eko Azarak” (The Wizard of Darkness), captivated audiences both in Japan and internationally. Continue reading »

This Japanese Artist Creates Bizarre Thought-Provoking Illustrations With Gore Aesthetic


Sara’s art would live where Junji Ito’s twisted narratives meet Little Thunder’s delicate aesthetics. Her mesmerizing blend of the grotesque and the adorable draws viewers into a world where comfort and discomfort blur. Each digital artwork features dimensional views of her characters in a modern, anime-inspired style. Continue reading »

Experience Japan in the Year 2000 Through the Eyes of This Photographer

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Based in Tokyo, Jan is a photographer with a unique perspective who was born in Taiwan and captures the dynamic energy of the city. Continue reading »

Into the Fantastical Realms of Naoyuki Kato: A Tour of Classic Japanese Science Fiction


Born in 1952 in Hamamatsu City, Japan, Naoyuki Kato is a renowned Japanese illustrator who specializes in science fiction and fantasy. Continue reading »

Unveiling Nature’s Influence on the Future of Footwear Design


ALIVEFORM, a Japanese brand known for its 3D-printed shoes, recently showcased their work at a Paris showroom and has continued to grow rapidly. Continue reading »

In 1974 Manga Artists Celebrate The Exorcist’s Arrival in Japan


The manga adaptation of The Exorcist by Kazuo Umezu was featured in the July 7th, 1974 issue of Shonen Sunday, just a week prior to the film’s release in Japan and six months after its US premiere in December 1973. Shonen Sunday, a weekly shonen manga magazine, has been published in Japan by Shogakukan since March 1959. Continue reading »

Intricate Fantasy Illustrations by Kazuki Okuda


A talented illustrator from Kyoto, Japan, Kazuki Okuda is known for his exquisitely detailed digital illustrations that bring whimsical characters to life. Continue reading »

Japanese Craftsman Kiyomi Designs Mesmerizing Miniature Antique Furniture


Japanese artist Kiyomi specializes in meticulously handcrafting miniature replicas of antique furniture. This ancient art of miniaturization in Japan, seen in bonsai trees and compact mobile phones, finds new expression in Kiyomi’s work. Continue reading »

Euphoric Chills and Melancholic Thrills: The Cinematic Journey of Shyzzzi’s Supernatural Cyberpunk Horror through Animated Masterpieces


In the realm of digital art, one artist stands out by successfully combining various elements from beloved subcultures into a remarkable body of work. Continue reading »

Take Home a Piece of the Neon-Lit Metropolis: Cyberpunk Asia in Photographs by Steve Roe


Steve Roe, hailing from Seoul, South Korea, is a highly acclaimed photographer in street and fashion photography with an international reputation. His captivating neon photography is known for its futuristic vibrancy and cyberpunk and neon-noir style. Continue reading »

A Deep Dive into Polina Alexeenko’s Manga-Inspired Illustrations


In the heart of Saint Petersburg, Russia, a dynamic artist named Polina Alexeenko is crafting a vibrant world that pulses with life and color. Polina’s artistic talent is undeniably exceptional, as seen in her playful and expressive illustrations that appear to leap off the canvas and into the imagination of the viewer. Continue reading »

The Good, the Bad, and the Frustrating: Evangeline Neo’s Firsthand Account of Living in Japan


If you’ve ever studied or lived abroad, you know that culture shock is real. It can impact your perspective, especially if your home country is drastically different from the one you are visiting. Evangeline Neo experienced this firsthand when she studied in Tokyo from 2010 to 2014. She noticed a lot of cultural differences and decided to navigate them by portraying her experiences through comics. Continue reading »

Exploring the World of Studio Ghibli Through the Eyes of Louise Terrier

Howl’s Moving Castle

Louise Terrier’s stunning paintings pay homage to some of the most beloved heroes of Japanese anime movies. Taking inspiration from Studio Ghibli’s iconic films like “My Neighbor Totoro,” “Spirited Away,” and “Princess Mononoke,” Terrier infuses her own creative flair into these well-known characters, bringing them to life in her unique style. Continue reading »

Absolutely Amazing Pixel Art Portraits by Hatayosi


Hatayosi (ヨシミツ), an incredibly talented artist from Japan, uses Windows Paint to craft amazing caricatures of celebrities in a unique 8-bit style. The level of creativity and skill displayed in each of Hatayosi’s works is truly awe-inspiring. Continue reading »

Pachimon: The Amazing Obscure Kaiju Collectible Cards From The 70’s

Kyuradorosu (vampire monster)/ Height: 5 meters/ Weight: 800 kilograms/ From Chiba

In the 1970s, kaiju and tokusatsu were all the rage in Japan, inspiring Yokopro to create Pachimon. These collectible cards featured several “Pachimon,” monsters based on popular kaiju series such as Godzilla, Gamera, and the Ultra Series. These monsters were often depicted attacking famous cities and places, making them all the more exciting for fans. Continue reading »

Tsunotsuno’s Melancholic and Seductive Sinematic Digital World of Giant Women


Japanese artist Tsunotsuno, a graduate student of engineering, has created a striking series of nocturnal digital images that depict young women as solitary giants, trapped in neon-lit urban environments. The images are reminiscent of cinematic stills and have an open-ended narrative that draws the viewer in. Continue reading »

The Uncharted and Surreal Worlds of Japanese Artist Yuni Yoshida


Yuni Yoshida is a force to be reckoned with. A creative mastermind, she has taken the advertising world by storm with her innovative and surreal ideas. Her ability to blend fantasy and reality is unparalleled, and her campaigns are a testament to her talent and vision. Continue reading »