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Youth Gone Wild: Stunning Photos Of The Russian Underground Dance Culture

Most of these music festivals and raves for lovers of such genres like Dark Electro, Punk Rock, EBM, Noise Rock, Ethno Techno and many others, are hidden from general public. Some of them are hard to get into. And, some are even secret.

I’ve found some interesting photos from various festivals where representatives of Russian contemporary youth subcultures are hanging out to the fullest, sometimes falling out of touch with the outside world.

Photos by Nikita Averkin, Andrey Noskov, Ivan Anisimov, Stepan Nilov and Ravesquad.

Punk Rock Music Festival. Moscow. June of 2015.

Ecological Music Festival. Tver Oblast. June of 2016.

Architectural Music Festival of Ethno Techno and Ambient. Kaluga Oblast. July of 2016.

Don’t Tell Anyone
Jungle Rave. Moscow. March of 2016.

Festival of Underground Music. Moscow. May of 2016.

Rave dedicated to hard electronic music. Moscow. June of 2015.

New Noise
Noise Rock Music Festival. Moscow. April of 2015.

Punk Ship
Punk Rock Music Festival. Moscow. May of 2016.

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