Artist Shows The Behind The Scenes Of Pitch-Perfect Instagram Photos And His 500k Followers Love It

It is always interesting to see the behind the scenes, especially when it comes to professional photography. Not only do we see the reality behind the pitch-perfect photos, but also realize the hard physical work that photographers have to go through and their super-creative approaches to ensure that they capture the very best depiction of their photoshoot. If that wasn’t enough, there also comes the photo editing part!

More: Kai Böttcher, Instagram h/t: boredpanda

Kai Böttcher is a talented 25-year-old self-taught photographer and retoucher who decided to share the behind the scenes of his stunning photoshoots. When he was only 14 years old, digital art became his passion and he started editing pictures and creating brand logos.

As he got older, he became more interested in surrealism and photo manipulation so he decided to apply at The University of Kaiserslautern, which is specialized in Digital Art and Virtual Design. There he started focusing more on portraits as he realized that he loves getting feedback from his models as he perfectly captures their emotions. His marvelous portraits are filled with great colors, incredible bokeh, and mesmerizing tones and lights!

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