Stunning Images Of The Marine Seals Were Captured By A Diver Who Did Well To Hang Onto His Camera When One Of The Seals Attempted To Take A Bite Out It

These terrifying teeth should be enough to scare off even the bravest wildlife photographer – but those divers who persevere are rewarded with a unique encounter with an adorable group of playful seals.

The stunning set of images of the frolicking marine mammals were captured in British waters by a photographer Adam Hanlon (previously) who did well to hang onto his camera when one of the seals attempted to take a bite out it.

The animal appeared to be growling as he showed off his gnarling gnashers to the camera, but within seconds of this hairy introduction it was having a whale of a time splashing around with the underwater visitor.

More: Adam Hanlon, Facebook, Flickr

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