British Dog Lover Spends £30,000 On Her Nine Pets

“Like most Brits, Emmie Stevens is dog mad. But the 25-year-old has taken it to the next level, spending £30,000 on her nine pets. Emmie’s dogs enjoy regular manicures and fur dyes and have their own walk in wardrobe to store their £15,000 clothing collection.

Rather than wear out prized pooch Bambi with tiresome walks, Emmie pushes her in one of three baby buggies – but only when there’s no room in her handbag. She admits loving her “fluffies” more than her boyfriend Barry Stears, 31,and says previous relationships have failed because men are jealous of the love she gives to her dogs”. – Daily Record

Bailey the Staffordshire bull terrier, holding a red rose. (Photo by Helen Yates/Barcroft Media)

Purdy the Poodle, one of Emmie’s rescue dogs, wearing a union jack dress with matching bow and a pearl bracelet. (Photo by Helen Yates/Barcroft Media)

Doodles the Jackadoodle, who has won best in show in dog shows, proudly shows off his personalised dog bed and bowl. (Photo by Helen Yates/Barcroft Media)

Pixi the Poodle, wearing an elegant gold evening dress with a saucer hat and statement necklace. (Photo by Helen Yates/Barcroft Media)

Bailey the Staffordshire bull terrier dressed as Minnie Mouse. (Photo by Helen Yates/Barcroft Media)

Emmie and Muffin the Jackadoodle wearing matching Minnie Mouse outfits. (Photo by Helen Yates/Barcroft Media)

Doodles the Jackadoodle, who has won best in show in dog shows, wearing his clown fancy dress outfit. (Photo by Helen Yates/Barcroft Media)

Emmie, 25, holding Jackadoodle Bambi, showing off the dogs’ 15,000 wardrobe. (Photo by Helen Yates/Barcroft Media)

Bailey the Staffordshire bull terrier dressed as Batman. (Photo by Helen Yates/Barcroft Media)

Nelly the Staffordshire bull terrier, wearing a blonde wig and hoola girl fancy dress. (Photo by Helen Yates/Barcroft Media)

Emmie Stevens and boyfriend Barry Stears with her nine dogs. (Photo by Helen Yates/Barcroft Media)

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