Cartoonist Fell In Love With Van Gogh’s Story And Paintings As A Teenager, Creates Illustrations Of Painter’s Life – Design You Trust

Cartoonist Fell In Love With Van Gogh’s Story And Paintings As A Teenager, Creates Illustrations Of Painter’s Life

According to an artist: “My name is Alireza Karimi Moghaddam. I’m a cartoonist and illustrator. I was born in Iran and currently live in Lisbon.

As a teenager, I fell in love with Van Gogh’s life story and paintings. His style, colors, and lifestyle inspired me. I followed almost all the books and movies that have been made about Van Gogh, and I immersed myself in the love of his life.

For me, Van Gogh is not only a painter and a genius artist but a way of life. He is not a frustrated and distressed model but a symbol of love, humanity, and altruism. I understand and propagate it from a different perspective, and on the contrary to a prevailing traditional view, I would like a different Van Gogh to be a Van Gogh for everyone.

My cartoons show that Van Gogh’s life was all about beauty and love. It might have had a bitter ending, but it was inspiring for the future.”

More: Fancy Van Gogh, Instagram h/t: boredpanda

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