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An Artist Made Stunning Illustrations About Modern Society


Artist Steve Cutts is an illustrator and animator based in London.


Cutts used to work for a number of businesses and brands, but stopped in 2012 so he could pursue freelance work.

Recently, Cutts’ illustrations have veered toward topical satire and garnered a lot of attention.


He told BuzzFeed about the nature of his current work. “Society is in a strange place right now, and traditionally it has always been one of the roles of an artist to comment on the times he or she lives in.”


“For me, it’s about connecting things you wouldn’t immediately associate with each other, rearranging them in an ironic way to convey a message.”


He says his style takes inspiration from cartoons of the ’30s and ’40s, as well as modern comic books and graphic novels.


Each piece takes him around a week to make, and several versions of each piece exist.


He takes whichever one stands out the most, and chooses it as the finished product.


Some of his work features related titles, like this one called “Evolution.”


While others are stand-alone works and open to interpretation.


Cutts says he’s received strong reactions to his pieces. “I’m absolutely stoked with the reaction my work has got so far. I never know how my work is going to be received, so of course it’s great to have such a fantastic response!”


He added that the point he tries to get across is simple. “I try to make work which looks at the bigger picture, whilst also hopefully making a few people laugh along the way.”

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