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The Best Of The Best Surfing Photos For The 2020 Nikon Surf Photography Awards

A panel of 10 high-profile judges from within the surfing industry including seven-time world surfing champion Stephanie Gilmore were tasked with selecting the best of the best surfing photos for the 2020 Nikon surf photography awards. The judges were looking for innovation and creativity, uniqueness, dramatic affect and sensory impact.

“Danny Sunset Stern”. (Photo by Stu Gibson/Ren Mcgann/2020 Nikon Surf Photography Awards)

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“Free Fall”. (Photo by Ren Mcgann/2020 Nikon Surf Photography Awards)

“Warrior”. (Photo by Gergo Rugli/2020 Nikon Surf Photography Awards)

“In the Thick of it – Brad Norris – The Right”. (Photo by Jamie Scott/2020 Nikon Surf Photography Awards)

“David and Goliath”. (Photo by Andrew Leach/2020 Nikon Surf Photography Awards)

Duck Dive. Tahiti Pro Teahupo’o – WSL Championship Tour 2019. (Photo by Matt Dunbar/WSL/Dunbar via Getty Images/2020 Nikon Surf Photography Awards)

“An unusual relationship”. (Photo by Tom Pearsall/2020 Nikon Surf Photography Awards)

“Empty”. (Photo by Trent Slatter/2020 Nikon Surf Photography Awards)

“The Right”. (Photo by Ren Mcgann/2020 Nikon Surf Photography Awards)

“Jack in a Box”. (Photo by Tom Pearsall/2020 Nikon Surf Photography Awards)

“Portugal Sunset”. (Photo by Peter Wilson/2020 Nikon Surf Photography Awards)

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