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“Everyday Train Life:” Daily Life Of Japan In Black And White Photographs By Pak Han

Pak Han is an award-winning photographer, capturing the sublime and intrigue in the ordinary everyday life. He is most interested in photographing people, going about their daily rituals in urban surroundings. It is Han’s desire to tell stories through his photos and share his eye with the audience. Han had collaborated with numerous theatremakers and choreographers for over a decade, but he is now focusing most of his creative energy on street & documentary photography.

“I’ve been taking street photos in Japan, mostly in Tokyo, during several visits since 2009,” he tells Flavorwire. “The majority of my photo taking time was spent out on the streets, and I took the train photos while getting around the city. All of my street photos, including the ‘Everyday Train Life’ series, were interesting moments I encountered and was able to document.”

More: Pak Han, Instagram h/t: flavorwire

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