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Quirky Photographer Justin Quinnell Is Known for His Eye-Catching Photographs Taken from A Unique Angle – Right Inside His Mouth

Justin’s distinctive pinhole camera has travelled with him around the world, taking in the sights of St Mark’s square in Venice, Victoria Falls and Sydney Opera House. The Falmouth University lecturer has taken the photos over the past 20 years, the most recent was taken a year ago. They document his children, friends and even trips to the dentist.

The 52-year-old who lives in Bristol, explains: “I originally invented the camera for its indestructability, throwing it off buildings etc, it was after a few months of using it this way I for some reason pushed it into my mouth. Three years of Degree level photographic theory rushed through my brain and mouthy imagery evolved.”

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“Other of my recent work has included six month exposures and a brand new set of work from a brand new technique I call the ‘Awfullogramme’.”

He came up with this technique when trying to do pinhole photography workshops at universities throughout the winter of 2013 – 14.

“It was so overcast that every day resembled a continual total solar eclipse with exposure times (3 seconds in sunlight) going over 30 seconds. “This, combined with the usual hurricane conditions which occur every winter in my beloved country, required drastic indoor pinhole action. The Awfulogramme was born!”

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