Photographer Ask Strangers To Reveal Their Deepest Regrets In Life


Romaninan photographer Alecsandra Raluca Drăgoi has recognized the regrets people carry and provided them with an outlet to relieve their regrets. Drăgoi started a project, “Which Is Your Biggest Regret?” that puts people on the spot to admit their biggest regret.

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“My regret is not understanding other people’s opinions with a more open mind – we are not all the same.”

“‘Which is your biggest regret’ first started with me: I never had the courage to speak out loud when I had to.”, said Drăgoi.

“My regret is not exploring more opportunities in university.”

“No one ever asked me this question. So, I decided I would help people to get their biggest regrets off their chest through my lens. Now it is your turn. Which is your biggest regret?”, she added.

“All those YESes that should have been NOes.”

Drăgoi chose this question to allow the opportunity to get to know others and hear their stories.

“Shagging Lee’s mum.”

“I do not trust in people who say that they do not have regrets.”, Drăgoi said.

“No regrets!!!”

“Not listening!”

“Developing an addiction to alcohol.”

“What I did last night.”

“Because I do not have enough courage.”

“I regret I could not help my child more.”

“Not having the confidence to be the best I can be!!”

“Not saying ‘I love you!’ enough.”

“Not being with my father when he died 15 years ago.”

“I listened to others more than I listened to myself.”

“I was angry, sullen, annoyed the last time I saw him before he died suddenly. I wish that last memory was happier.”

“I have no regrets!!!”

“My biggest regret was not to go to Disneyland in Paris in year 2006.”

“Not becoming a footballer.”

“Dropping out of college.”

“I regret that I am old.”

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