Gun Series Project by Toronto-based Photographers

“Point Blank” is an ongoing series of handguns from around the world by Toronto-based photographer Peter Andrew, Simon Duffy and Derek Blais. Captured in extreme detail, the large-scale “portraits” are undeniably in-your-face, lending an intensity you can’t turn away from. Andrew says they are meant to be studied like you would a face, the detail and imperfections found within building a story that make us wonder where they’ve been or why and how they’ve been used. The trio has photographed seven handguns thus far and continue to build the collection.

Desert Eagle; “Point Blank” – Gun Series. (Peter Andrew/Simon Duffy/Derek Blais)

Uzi; “Point Blank” – Gun Series. (Peter Andrew/Simon Duffy/Derek Blais)

Smith & Wesson .38 Revolver; “Point Blank” – Gun Series. (Peter Andrew/Simon Duffy/Derek Blais)

Beretta; “Point Blank” – Gun Series. (Peter Andrew/Simon Duffy/Derek Blais)

Rhino; “Point Blank” – Gun Series. (Peter Andrew/Simon Duffy/Derek Blais)

Smith and Wesson 9mm; “Point Blank” – Gun Series. (Peter Andrew/Simon Duffy/Derek Blais)

Glock; “Point Blank” – Gun Series. (Peter Andrew/Simon Duffy/Derek Blais)

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