South Korean Artist Park Pyeongjun Creates Superb Fantasy And Sci-Fi Illustrations

Pyeong Jun Park is a professional Illustrator and Digital Artist, born in South Korea but currently living in Meguro-ku, a special ward in Tokyo, Japan.

After graduating in Visual Art, he has worked for several years as a Concept Artist in the movie industry, for leading post-production companies. But he is probably best known among fantasy, science-fiction and steampunk fans for his works for the Japanese multiplayer trading card game Legend of the Cryptids and as a Cover Artist for Marvel.

He has also worked as a Concept Artist and Illustrator for the Japanese company Applibot and as a CG Illustration teacher in Seoul.

Park is widely regarded as one of Korea’s most talented Illustrators, thanks to his fantasy creations and his delicate and provocative characters, which he draws with a special attention to details and a fine emphasis on anatomy.

More: Artstation, DeviantArt, Facebook h/t: nuts

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