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Nostalgic & Thought-Provoking Illustrations by Gabriella Barouch

Whimsical and captivating, Israeli artist Gabriella Barouch’s illustrations combine surreal and realistic elements, grounding her audience in a familiar reality while inviting them to imagine something grander. Fantastical and down-to-earth subjects commingle on sparse backgrounds in playful scenes, emanating childhood nostalgia. Each piece is an invitation to the viewer to create their own narrative around the dream-like vision.

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Wielding her digital tools in a home studio filled with the colorful toys she collects, Gabriella Barouch creates pieces that are at once innocent and thought-provoking. Her signature style, a combination of simple backgrounds, soft color schemes, and fanciful subjects appeals to a wide and diverse audience while retaining a deeply personal point-of-view. She’s worked with a host of big name clients including Hallmark, Le Monde, and the French Post Office.

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