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An Incredibly Effective Way To Develop Your Child’s Math Skills With LEGO Blocks


Lego is a phenomenal children’s toy. It’s little wonder then that both adults and kids enjoy playing around with it. It can help stimulate your imagination, your creative abilities, and your logical thinking. In turn, it can be used not only as a toy, but also as a great aid to learning both in the classroom and at home.

Parts vs. whole


School teacher Alycia Zimmerman regularly uses Lego to help develop basic math skills among her pupils. Lego blocks, she finds, offer a great opportunity to explain fundamental math concepts and calculations in a way which is immediately understandable for young minds.



So for those who can’t find the right words or who find they haven’t got the patience to help with their kid’s math homework, here are a few examples which Alycia uses. Each and everyone of them is incredibly simple, but seriously effective.


Square numbers


Exploring mean, median, mode, and range

h/t: scholastic

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