“Journey to the East”: The Superb Concept Art Works by Dom Lay

Dom Lay was born 1994 and raised in Fountain Valley, California and later moved to Irvine, California in the summer of 2000. Growing up in a suburban environment as an only child, Dom has incorporated his influences and inspirations from movies, television, and entertainment media throughout his life, into his works today. His passion for illustration, concept art, and storytelling landed him freelance experience while studying, both in community and private college.

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Using the foundations of strong narrative focus in his pieces, allows him to connect with his viewers on a more emotional level. In this way, it gives his audience a chance to explore his artworks and concepts more carefully and deeply. He entered his first year at Laguna College of Art and Design in Laguna Beach, California in the spring of 2017.

He used this opportunity in college to further jumpstart his career as an artist. From there, at the age of 22, he developed more of his artistic skills and began the process of writing and worldbuilding. He pieced together his very first solo intellectual property, titled Journey to the East. It is a 168-page artbook, which revives ancient Middle Eastern cultures, the Orientalist time period and includes a hint of science fiction. The book has now sold around the world in many countries including the US, Canada, Australia, China, Japan and many parts of Europe.

While working on his book, new opportunities opened up for him to work on projects with other well-known artists and art directors such as the Xentropa creator, John Mahoney. He also worked briefly at Nexon OC, collaborating with Anthony Jones, Ryan Metcalf, and Jeff Simpson. Working in the entertainment industry for big studios as a concept artist had been Dom’s initial choice for a while, but seeing the possibility of creating something of his own and being able to inspire hundreds of people, including industry artists, had led him to pursue the path of becoming an independent artist and budding entrepreneur.

He is currently working on his second artbook titled, Blu November, and on the side, he instructs and mentors students of all ages in the foundations of concept art and illustration, in order to develop their voice and portfolio for their artistic careers. Even with his abilities he has been fortunate and grateful to be pursuing art as his career and to help pave the path for the newer, younger generation of artists.

“Film and video games have been the forefront of my life ever since I was young, and it brings me a deep sense of fulfillment, passion, and satisfaction. I believe I’m very fortunate to be a part of this industry where I can explore and experiment with this medium, contributing to different ideas and genres by others. I specialize in world building, illustration, and concept art. In 2020 of this year I have finished the task of writing, concepting, and illustrating my very own artbook titled Journey to the East, which is a story set in a peculiar time of Orientalism and science fiction. The project has spanned at least 3 years,” he wrote.

“My main passion in the visual arts is storytelling. I feel there is something captivating about drawing in my audience’s emotions by the images I create. Some of the other facets of creativity I enjoy include video games, reading, writing, rollerblading, jumproping, talking and collaborating with good friends, spending quality time with family, and maintaining a healthy balanced lifestyle through meditation and exercise.

Thanks for looking through my work!”

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