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Riikka Hyvönen Captures The Beauty Of Bruises In Giant Artworks

“Fresh Meat in Fishnets!,” 2015

Finland born, Helsinki based artist Riikka Hyvönen sees an inspiring myriad of colors that tell a story. Her art combines hyperrealism painting with sculptural elements, pop and kitsch styles, taking the pain that we have all experienced at some point and making it strangely alluring. She calls bruises “kisses”, specifically worn by roller derby girls, of which she collects photographs and then reinterprets into large-scale artworks. In roller derby, players wear their bruises like a badge of honor, which are then posted and shared online.

h/t: dangerousminds, hifructose

“I Got a Really Beautiful Bruise on My Bum, Do You Want To See a Pic? It Has 12 Colours And Is the Size of My Head!,” 2015

She shares, “I believe these images are charged with mental strength. They show that the player’s bodies can take the hits yet overcome the pain and still continue to play… Obviously, I am objectifying these women totally. But I am doing it exactly the way they objectify themselves: their big and strong bums are assets and to be carried with pride.”

“Oh Lord. Is That the One That Looks Suspiciously Like My Wheel?! God, I’m Sorry to Have Marked You So :( … Um, Think of It as a Love Bite? xx,” 2015

“Wait Long Enough and Someone Will Find a Picture of Jesus in That Bruise!,” 2014

“Fifty Shades of Purple,” 2014

“A Little Scratch Developed Into This Motherf**ker!,” 2015


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