“Fuel For The Soul”: Outstanding Nostalgic Motorcycle Paintings Of David Uhl

David Uhl is an artist’s artist. His technique, realistic with an impressionistic flair, breathes fantastic life into even the most ordinary of subject matter. He is now among the select few officially licensed fine artists of Harley-Davidson Motor Company.

Having grown up in a fishing village in Michigan, David Uhl draws on both nature and nurture for his artistic ability. His father was an inventor-engineer and most of his family is oriented toward the arts.

After spending his high school years drawing and painting, he received the only scholarship offered to a senior to attend the Colorado Institute of Art. This education allowed him to explore his illustration and life-drawing abilities, which led to projects for such companies as Sony, Hewlett Packard and Coca-Cola.

An avid Harley owner since 1988, Uhl’s passion would soon coincide with his artistic talent. Harley-Davidson Motor Company executives recognized David’s creative talents and introduced him to Segal Fine Art, a licensed publisher of Harley-Davidson fine art. David would now spend endless hours in the Harley-Davidson Archives researching vintage photos to use as reference for his official fine art paintings. Captivated by the extraordinary history of the Motor Company, David’s desire was to memorialize the legacy.

David Uhl’s work reflects an uncanny ability to view black and white photos from earlier periods and imagine what they must have looked like in color.

David states, “My work must be life-like and believable, which requires a great amount of mixing colors to reach the desired temperatures and hues. It’s a lot of trial and error, but I feel the final product is my reward.”

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