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“Time Fragments”: Constructivism in Graphic Design and Illustrations by Vladimir Hadzic

Vladimir Hadzic is a graphic designer and aspiring illustrator currently living in Belgrade. Guided by clean and colorful graphic forms, his current creative process mostly consists of digital work in forms of illustrations, posters and animations.

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Bold color choice is one of the most important aspects in his creative process, as it drives the ideas and ties the work together.

The topics of his work mostly revolve around personal thoughts and feelings which are then incorporated in strictly structured and clear-cut compositions. Inspired by symbolism and surrealism as well, he often tries to evoke feelings of mystery and uncertainty.

“I find it somehow ironic how what I tend to create is arguably quite systematic, precise and clean, while my creative process is very spontaneous and even chaotic sometimes. I often just try out different things until I am happy with the direction I took and hopefully with the result as well. Behind most of my finished projects is a huge pile of disarray!” he told in interview.

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