Darth Vader Leads Funeral For Badass Grandmother


Lorna Johnson, a 56-year-old tarot-card-carrying ‘White Witch,’ was laid to rest by a funeral party that included Darth Vader and Beetljuice. The Luton, UK grandmother was diagnosed with lung cancer in October of 2014, and died in June of this year.

Johnson leaves behind four children and 10 grandchildren; her husband died in November. Co-op Funeralcare funeral director Brett Houghton led the service dressed as Darth Vader.

“My mum’s favourite time of year was Halloween,” son Neil Johnson told the Guardian. She always “said you need to celebrate, you need to have a party. So we’re not going to sit around feeling sorry for ourselves. My mum wouldn’t want that.”


“She classed herself as a white witch and was into the tarot readings and that sort of thing”


“We’ve added an extra little personal touch to the funeral, it’s helped a lot”


“My mum’s always said you need to celebrate, you need to have a party. So we’re not going to sit around feeling sorry for ourselves. My mum wouldn’t want that”


“She’d love it. She’d say: ‘That’s it, that’s exactly what you should have done’”

Via Bored Panda

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