How To Be The Perfect Boyfriend For An Artistic Girl

It’s when you understand that ’dressing up to go to a restaurant’ means a different thing to her.

Over the years family life becomes more and more monotonous, but not for creative people! Polina Tikunova, an Estonian artist, draws cute comics about her own life and posts them in her blog Polinatik.

h/t: brightside, boredpanda

It’s not being afraid of her spontaneous changes…

Being able to negotiate…

Understanding that ’a mask’ isn’t what you think it is…

Being her protector day and night…

Accepting the fact that every movie is a drama…

Putting up with her imaginary world…

Knowing how to make a dinner out of nothing…

Being sensitive and gentle…

Always being on the same wavelength with her…

Seeing something special in every moment…

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