“Visit Hungary”: Artificial Lakes of Délegyháza from Above by Gabor Nagy

Gábor Nagy is a freelance photographer based in Budapest, Hungary. Specialized in outdoors, landscapes, travel photography and film production.

“Spring has definitely arrived to Hungary as well, so when the Tourism Board of Hungary asked me to produce a new series about the countryside, I immediately knew what place should I visit this time. As you already know, I’m constantly searching for hidden gems and when the conditions are perfect, I pull the trigger and shot a series about them.

I found the Lakes of Délegyháza a few years ago when I searched for interesting shapes close to Budapest on Google Earth. The village is only half an hour from the capital, it consists of 8 lakes, formed by the local gravel mining. At the end of the ’60s the goverment opened the area to the public to build weekend houses at the shores of the artifical lakes. And the people came and resulted this jaw-dropping paradise of summer houses, cottages and fisherman bungalows.

This is another photo series commissioned by Tourism Board of Hungary with the aim to showcase how much beauty can be found in our countryside, too. More series like this to come in the future.”

More: Gabor Nagy, Instagram, Behance

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