Photographer Tom Hegen Raises Awareness On The Climate Issues Through Several Impressive Aerial Photographs

Once again, Tom Hegen raises awareness on the climate issues through several impressive aerial photographs. Entitled «The Two Degrees», this project focuses on the dramatic effects of global warming on the Arctic ice sheet in Greenland.

«Global sea level rise will be one of the major environmental challenges of the 21st Century. One of the leading causes of sea level rise is the melting of ice from glaciers and ice sheets. The Greenland ice sheet alone contains enough water to raise global sea levels by more than 7 meters. The Arctic is the fastest warming place on this planet, providing the first indication of how climate change is having an impact. Below two degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels is the agreed goal signed by 197 countries at the Paris climate agreement in 2015 to limit global warming to avoid disastrous consequences of climate change», he explains.

This series is more than just an artistic project. It is a real call to focus on the biggest challenges we face globally today. A few striking images for a subject more than ever inevitable.

More: Tom Hegen, Instagram, Facebook h/t: fubiz

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