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This Artist Uses Photography And Photoshop To Escape Reality

“My Neighbor” – Exploring Forced Perspective

According to Hayley Roberts: “Creative photography gave me a way to slip out of this world and into the magical worlds I dream about. Previously I’d never believed I was a creative person, but these tools gave me a way to express the things I was feeling; I’ve certainly never had success at drawing or painting. It’s amazing to think that with the right medium, we can all create incredible things. If you haven’t found your medium, I hope that you do.

I taught myself photography and Photoshop through the use of fun projects. I’d decide what method of creative photography I wanted to explore next and then create an image around it. I’ve now explored over 100 techniques and written tutorials about each of them to help other photographers. It’s an enjoyable way to learn and stay motivated, and I’d love to share these projects with you.

Models: Elanora Wolffe, Maddy Webster, Bettie Butcher, and me.”

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“Back Breaks And Heart Aches” – Learning How To Levitate

“The Wrong Dress” – Making Miniatures

“Hear Us” – Creating Invisible People

“Metamorphosis” – Trying Out Digital Painting

“The Stars Are Falling” – Turning Day Into Night

“The Chrysanthemum” – Faking Underwater Scenes

“Spellbound” – Adding Special Effects

“Seasons Change” – Dispersing Away Into Nothing

“The Crossing” – Using Opacity To Call Up The Dead

“Vengeance” – Created To Try Out HDR

“Farewell, My Lovely” – Using Silhouettes To Tell Stories

“Silenced” – Using The Smudge Tool To Turn A Photo Into A Painting

“If You Go Down To The Woods Today” – Extending Hair And Dresses

“Wallflower” – Using Displacement Maps

“Words Escape Me” – Creating Photoshop Brushes

“The Fatal Attraction” – Making Objects Float And Multiplicity

“Storm Clouds Gather” – Using Black And White With Selective Colour

“Invasion” – Messing With Perspective To Make Giants

“Deer Petal” – Mirroring An Image

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