Artist Erkin Demir Creates Superb Surreal Double Exposure Portraits

According to Erkin Demir: “Hello there, I am a double exposure artist, Erkin Demir. My artwork was published by some of the biggest magazines across the Internet and it had a great impact on my career. After some years, I would like to present to you my new series, as well as some older works.

It started as an experiment to try a new technique as a photographer. But now, I realize that it’s another art form that has its unique features and still has space to improve. After all these years, telling multiple stories in one picture still amazes me.

I can describe the new series as a reflection of my experience in this technique and my desire to blend my photos to create a unique kind of artwork.

Check the links below to find the rest of my artwork. I hope you like it!”

More: Erkin Demir, Instagram h/t: boredpanda

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