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Shot Face: Photographer Captures Cool Pictures Of People Doing Shots


Most of us at some point in our lives have drunk a shot or two, be it at a friends birthday, an office party or perhaps it’s your regular Friday night?! Whatever the case we’ve all done it and it’s a pretty acceptable social convention.

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The idea of going through a moment of temporary mental and physical discomfort to reach a potentially better end result is interesting and something photographer Tim Charles wanted to explore. Not only that but doing a shot is probably one of the only times people will pull a somewhat ugly face in public and are stripped of any image of self we try to convey.


This is instead often replaced with a pure expression of human vulnerability, sometimes demonstrated through a gag reflex! It was this fleeting moment of stripping all thoughts away apart from the battle with the shot that he wanted to capture. A pure expression. The bottom line is it’s a series of people drinking shots and Tim hope you enjoy them as much as I did taking them.

Oh, and drink responsibly!

Via Netloid

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