“Getting Lost”: Photographer Øystein Aspelund Gets Lost in Landscapes on The Edge

Oystein Aspelund is a Norwegian photographer based in Oslo whose work has featured in a range of international publications.

Beyond creating commercial work for the likes of Adobe and Stern, Aspelund makes work that focuses on contrasting values of nature and culture, always attempting to represent this relationship in his projects. In his latest series, he gets lost amid a landscape on the edge. Seeking out the struggles of borders where man and environment meet, his images are filled with an ethereal quality that talks of distance, introspection, and solitude wrapped in a sense of adventure.

Straddling the line between art and documentary photography, Aspelund’s work captures the beauty of the unknown, retreating from everyday life to see what’s out there.

More: Øystein Sture Aspelund, Behance, Instagram h/t: plainmagazine

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