The Wonder Of Illustrating Perpetual Movement in Space From A 1875 Astronomy Book

These illustrations come from the book Astronomy (published 1875) by Jean Pierre Rambosson (1827-1886).

Rambosson was something of le grand fromage in Paris, and keen to tell his readers just that, stating that as “early as 1852 I pointed out in an influential newspaper the progress of science, and in the columns of La Science pour tous [Science for all; 1850-1900], of which I was editor-in-chief for several years, the successive discoveries of the astronomers were carefully registered. In 1865 I published an elementary treatise, which had an exceptionally large circulation, and since then, a more complete work, which was adopted by the official committee of the Ministry of Public Instruction.

All lofty stuff from the laureate of the Académie Française & Académie des Sciencee, author or work “calculated at once to elevate the mind and develop the intelligence”.

More: Library of Congress h/t: flashbak

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