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Shai-Hulud and Dream Worlds: Fantasy Illustrations by Marc Simonetti

Marc Simonetti is a French artist who draws fantastically detailed worlds. His work includes illustrations of book classics by George Martin, Frank Herbert, Terry Pratchett, and other other cool writers.

“I’m a french artist who worked for 15 + years on cover arts ( Dune, Game of thrones, Discworld, Lovecraft, etc…) , and on video games ( ubisoft, EA, Sony, etc), card games ( Magic the gathering), and movies ( Valerian with Luc Besson, Maleficient 2 , alladdin, etc…). Mostly known for the Iron Throne that I made for GRR Martin on Game of Thrones. I won 4 stabby awards on Reddit, one Chesley award .”

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