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Beautiful Illustrations of Ancient Towns in China by Yukai Du

Originally from China, the illustrator Yukai Du moved very quickly to England, where she currently lives. She was introduced to the finesse of Chinese painting at a very young age, at the age of 4. It was only later, during her travels to China to visit her grandparents, that she immersed herself in her memories and that she remembered the richness of Chinese painting.

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This project “The study of ancient towns in China” is part of his personal desire to represent certain places, small villages which bear witness to an architecture stemming from a long history, by combining Chinese painting with her style of illustration.

“Originally from China, I was sent to learn Chinese painting when I was 4. The fineness of Chinese painting was something I could not appreciate at that age. After I moved to London and established my career as illustrator and animator, I went to Beijing to visit where my grandfather grew up. It brought back my memory of the buildings and landscapes I used to see in Chinese paintings. Therefore, the personal project is for me to find a way to depict some Chinese historic locations with the combination of Chinese painting elements and my ‘modernised’ illustration style,” she writes.

The artist has many projects which are to be discovered, particularly in another important palette of her activity.

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