Sci-Fi Author Jared Gray Turns His Sleep Apnea Mask Into An Alien Facehugger

Jared Grey, an author and self-described Tinker Gnome, decided to combine his love for science fiction with the inconvenience of sleep apnea with a CPAP Facehugger that he fashioned out of an Alien life-size foam Facehugger replica and his CPAP mask. Gray describes the entire process step-by-step on his site. What’s interesting about this is that Gray had prophesied doing this very thing for years.

“I’ve been joking for years that if I ever ended up needing a CPAP mask, I’d incorporate it into a facehugger. Because obviously. …I was recently diagnosed with sleep apnea, and now have my own CPAP torture machine. Seriously, these things are awful and create as much discomfort as they prevent. So I may as well have some fun with this thing while it’s intruding on my life.”

More: Jared Grey, Facebook h/t: laughingsquid

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