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Trapped In The 1930s: Artist Draws Popular Characters In Rubber Hose Style

Many of us feel nostalgia for certain things, be it old-school candy, clothing style, TV shows, cartoons, etc. It feels good to relive something that is remembered with a warm feeling once again. Some things, even if not experienced personally, are admired nonetheless and are wished to be brought back so that they can be enjoyed and appreciated by those who didn’t have the chance to do so. And that’s what Kev Craven does!

More: Instagram, Twitter h/t: boredpanda

Kev Craven is a talented artist who, quoting his Instagram description, is a “1930s cartoonist and animator trapped in 2022.” He creates drawings of classic characters in the aesthetics of 1930s animations, also known as the “rubber hose”. The artist told Bored Panda that he has always loved the old rubber hose cartoon style and often likes to think about how pop culture from today would look if it was an animated cartoon of that era.

“Thanks to the popularity of things like Cuphead, this style that I love has been brought back into the limelight. I’ve been committed to learning all these old animation principles for the past 10 years at least, just in my own time, and am thrilled that others are taking note of this long-lost art.”

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