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Ghost of ZOË: A Unique 3D Organic Project by Mike Campau


Mike Campau has released a new 3D project and NFT called Ghost of ZOË, which is a continuation of the original ZOË project.

Like its predecessor, Ghost of ZOË is created with a single line doodle and has a hauntingly beautiful aesthetic. This series will be ongoing, with one Ghost being released at a time and the price being determined by the market.

“ZOË is greek for “life”… not just the medical definition, but the act of living life. This is what I felt when creating these pieces, art full of life. Plus, the organic nature of the images and the process behind the art made this a perfect title. Each piece has it’s own name. I didn’t have a concept going into each doodle, but after they were created they took on their own visual identity, basically naming themselves.”

More: Behance, OpenSea h/t: abduzeedo


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